Natural, lively photography


Jo, George and Dugan

 (Greg Casperson)
I had the pleasure of taking photographs of Jo with her cat, George, and her lovable lab of 14 years, Dugan.
George didn’t want to cooperate at first but after a while he settled on the bed, which allowed for some good shots before he got tired of everyone bugging him :)

 (Greg Casperson)

The trio!


 (Greg Casperson)

Dugan showing some love :)


Ella and Alex at Christmas

Alex and Ella playing fetch (Greg Casperson)

Alex and Ella playing fetch

Ella and my daughter Alex get along wonderfully. You can see one picture of them together on the homepage, with Ella giving kisses :)

Here they are out playing fetch on the beach of Lake Superior in Marquette.

Ella and the dog park

Ella guarding stick from Kiera coming near (Greg Casperson)

Ella loves the Dog Park. She especially loves playing chase or tug with sticks. Here she is playing keep away with the stick she won.

Her two favorite partners are Dozer the boxer and Kiera, a Shiba Inu :)

Ella’s first day home

Ella checks out children on playground (Greg Casperson)

Ella checks out children on playground

Ella checking out the kids on the playground after we got home! The picture window is her favorite spot in the house :D


Autumn playing with her boxer, Dozer

Autumn playing with her boxer, Dozer

I had a wonderful time the other day with Autumn and her boxer, Dozer who just turned one. They’re beautiful to watch together and very easy to shoot!



Over Thanksgiving vacation I had a great time visiting my mom Faye and her English bulldog, Molly, up in Marquette!