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Ore to Shore 2011

 (Greg Casperson)

Start of 2011 Ore to Shore Hard Rock Race

 One of my favorite events of the year is Marquette County’s Ore to Shore epic mountain bike race weekend. I’ve participated a couple years and have volunteered a couple others. This year, since I was only working at the kids Junior Rock Race in the afternoon I had time to get some photos of the start of the 48 mile Hard Rock in Negaunee and then shots of many of the 28 mile Soft Rock riders as they came along the Dead River nearing Marquette. Soft Rock racers and others can see all my Ore to Shore photos in the gallery where most of them are labeled by racer number.

(Update 1:50 pm – It’s quite interesting that after going through the 80+ photos of racers near the end of their 28 mile Ore to Shore that it seems almost half struck a smile or some other pose for the camera as they went through – now that’s spirit :) )

Peace Racer
Stephanie Sainsbury of Middleville, MI gives a cheerful peace sign as she rides by :)

 (Greg Casperson)
Tammy Black of Cedar Springs, MI pumped to be in the race.

 (Greg Casperson)
Soft Rock winner Evan Hartig of Dubuque, IA coming through near the Dead River by Tourist Park in Marquette, MI.

 (Greg Casperson)
Jared Karinen of Painsdale, MI catching a little air.